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BREAKING: Lauren Boebert Snaps Back At Liberals Who Can’t Stop Their Name-Calling Nonsense



In a recent interview with Newsmax, Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, highlighted the Democrats’ tendency to resort to name-calling and derogatory labels when referring to conservatives. She emphasized that instead of indulging in such tactics, the Democrats should acknowledge the reality that conservatives constitute the majority.

Boebert expressed her views during her appearance on “Eric Bolling The Balance,” where she pointed out that when one fails, the easiest recourse is to launch attacks and engage in name-calling. Despite being subjected to various insults herself, she suggested that the Democrats should shift their focus from labeling conservatives as conspiracy theorists and instead acknowledge that her colleagues and herself represent the majority.

The Colorado representative further explained that the Republican conference in the House, which currently holds the majority, possesses the ability to govern and establish policies, even in the face of disagreements. Boebert emphasized the importance of finding the most effective policies to address pressing issues such as inflation reduction, border security, and ensuring the well-being of the military by eliminating wokeism from its ranks.

Boebert confidently stated that the Democrats can continue to hurl insults, but the reality remains that conservatives are the ones effectively achieving their goals and delivering results. The Republican majority in the House is actively working to accomplish the tasks at hand.

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