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BREAKING: Jim Jordan Releases SMOKING GUN Docs On Biden Admin Censorship



In a stunning (but entirely predictable) revelation, House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan has unveiled “SMOKING-GUN DOCS” that shed light on a concerning alliance between the Biden regime and social media giant Facebook and Instagram. The evidence, presented in a series of tweets labeled “THE FACEBOOK FILES, PART 1,” shows how the Biden White House exerted undue pressure on Mark Zuckerberg’s platforms to censor Americans and manipulate content moderation policies.

The documents, which were obtained through a committee subpoena, bring to light the alarming actions taken by the Biden administration to stifle free speech on social media platforms. One email from April 2021 shows a Facebook employee raising concerns about external stakeholders, including the Biden White House, pushing for the removal of certain posts.

In another instance, a senior Biden advisor expressed outrage over a meme that the social platform declined to remove despite being one of the highest-ranking vaccine-related posts at the time. This unprecedented level of interference from the White House raises serious questions about the protection of free expression and the independence of private companies from government influence.

It is evident that no one, not even prominent figures like Tucker Carlson, was safe from this blatant suppression. The Biden administration even demanded an explanation from Facebook as to why they had not censored a video where Tucker questioned the efficacy of vaccines. Although Facebook itself acknowledged that the video did not violate its policies, they still chose to restrict its visibility for seven days, bending to the pressure from the Biden regime.

Perhaps the most concerning revelation is an email from August 2021, where Facebook admits that it altered its policies to appease the Biden administration’s continuous criticism. Such a move raises questions about the integrity of content moderation on these platforms and the extent to which the government is influencing private companies to shape public discourse.

Rep. Jordan’s dogged determination and the threat of holding Mark Zuckerberg in contempt pushed the tech CEO to cooperate fully with the committee’s investigation. This newfound willingness to cooperate underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for transparency.

Rep. Jordan has promised to reveal more information in the coming days, and Americans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the continuation of this vital investigation. The alleged coordination between the Biden administration and Big Tech to control the flow of information is a matter of great concern for conservatives and anyone who values the principles of free speech and a fair marketplace of ideas.

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