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BREAKING: This Illegal Immigrant’s Reign of Terror Finally Comes to an End



In a significant victory for law enforcement, one of the world’s most sought-after illegal immigrants has been successfully captured in New Hampshire. Antonio Jose De Abreu Vidal Filho, a former Brazilian military police officer, had been on the run since 2019 after his involvement in the heinous 2015 Curio Massacre, which resulted in the brutal murder of 11 individuals, including innocent teens.

Immigration officers managed to apprehend Filho in Rye, New Hampshire, on Monday, marking an end to his fugitive status. His escape to the United States was cut short as he faced sentencing in June of this year. The city of Fortaleza, Brazil, saw a panel of judges delivering a resounding verdict: Filho was sentenced to an astounding 275 years and 11 months in prison for his role in the devastating murders.

The Curio Massacre shook Brazil to its core, as Filho and his cohorts were found guilty of orchestrating the murders in retaliation for the death of a police officer. The victims included not only adults but also teenagers who were tragically caught up in the violence. It’s a stark reminder that unvetted individuals crossing borders can bring their criminal pasts with them, putting innocent lives at risk.

In an op-ed piece, the Boston Herald aptly highlighted the necessity of vigilance against such threats: “No one should have to live in fear of unvetted criminals who cross the border and are protected from deportation by those who view law enforcement as agents against democracy.” This statement reinforces the idea that a strong stance against illegal immigration is not only vital for safeguarding the nation’s security but also for upholding the values of law and order.

Filho’s capture was made possible by an Interpol Red Notice, a global alert issued for fugitives charged with or convicted of serious crimes who have evaded justice. The notice underscores the importance of international cooperation in apprehending individuals who seek to escape accountability for their actions.

Although the specifics of how immigration officials located Filho in Rye remain unclear, this successful apprehension stands as a testament to the dedication and resourcefulness of law enforcement agencies. The tragic episode serves as a reminder of why we need a secure border.

As New Hampshire considers its approach to immigration policies, including the notion of sanctuary cities, the recent capture of Filho underscores the need for a robust approach to border security.

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