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Do Bill Belichick and Andy Reid really care about Taylor Swift?



Do Bill Belichick and Andy Reid really care about Taylor Swift? Short answer: yes. 

Unless you somehow are avoiding both NFL culture and Swifite culture (how?) you know that Taylor Swift is now dating Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. Most tight ends don’t acquire much fame or notoriety but Travis Kelce, on top of being Patrick Mahomes’s best receiver, has long had a public persona off the field. Kelce’s brother Jason also plays professional football as center for the Philadelphia Eagles. The two have a thriving (and delightful) podcast where they talk about football, life and more.  Last year the two brothers met on the field for the Super Bowl where Kelce and the Chiefs were victorious. Travis Kelce also was the star of a reality dating TV show, Catching Kelce. The Kelce’s are the next gen Mannings. 

Taylor Swift is possibly the most famous woman in the world. Her last tour (‘Eras’) made over a billion dollars (just domestically) and pushed back an American recession. She essentially held 50 Super Bowls (based on attendance, hotel unit occupancy, and area revenue) this summer. At one of those concerts, Travis Kelce famously tried to get a ‘friendship bracelet’ (signature item Swfities wear and trade with each other at her concerts) with his phone number on it. He didn’t manage it at the time. But clearly, he got her attention. 

The two are now dating and their coupling was confirmed when Taylor Swift showed up to Arrowhead stadium in KC and this time sat in the audience to watch Kelce and the Chiefs give a massive beat down to the Chicago Bears (sorry Chicago). 

But surely, Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid is a seasoned veteran and he couldn’t care less who Kelce dates. Surely he has only a faint notion of who Taylor Swift even is. Surely he doesn’t listen to her music and isn’t a big fan. 

Surely NOT. Andy Reid credits himself with playing matchmaker to Kelce and Swift. He says he knows (or has met) the Swift family and made the right calls to make sure the two were able to connect after the failed bracelet attempt. Publicly he said he met Taylor herself before and set them up. 

Reid, as the Chiefs Head Coach, has a lot invested in Kelce. But surely, legendary Head Coach Bill Belichick who has no vested interest in Kelce or Swift (that we are aware of) whatsoever would have absolutely no opinion on the subject right? WRONG. 

Bill Belichick was enjoying all the Swift fun and said that Taylor Swift was Kelce’s “biggest” catch.

But it doesn’t end there. Belichick is a Taylor fan himself. He attended the Eras Tour show at Gillette Stadium which was perhaps her most famous and iconic show of the tour where she played on for hours in the pouring rain. Belichick said he admired her grit and grace and “pocket presence.” He was impressed by her and this is the man who made Tom Brady who he is today.

So if you think you’re above caring about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? Tell that to two legendary, mulit-Super Bowl winning, NFL Head Coaches.

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