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WOW! Is Joe Biden’s FBI Targeting MAGA Republicans?



Recent Newsweek’s analysis of FBI data reveals a startling fact – nearly two-thirds of the FBI’s ongoing investigations are focused on Trump supporters, particularly those accused of violating “anti-riot” laws. Even more alarming is the significant increase in “assessments” conducted by the FBI, which monitor individuals with certain political affiliations. This number has more than doubled from 2019 to 2021.

Despite the widespread destruction caused by the 2020 summer riots linked to Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, the FBI appears to prioritize investigations into Trump supporters in its domestic extremism efforts.

The FBI’s statistics seem to conveniently align with President Joe Biden’s repeated claims of threats posed by “extreme MAGA Republicans.”

The American people are growing increasingly concerned about what they perceive as a two-tiered justice system under the Biden administration. A majority, 60%, believe that the FBI needs either a significant overhaul or should be entirely disbanded.

With the 2024 election just around the corner, it appears that the Joe Biden Department of Justice is laying the groundwork to neutralize its political adversaries. This raises questions about the integrity of our democracy and the fairness of our law enforcement agencies.

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