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BREAKING: Here Are The Best And Worst Halloween Costumes From Your Fave Celebs And Politicos



Last night was October 31 which marks Reformation Day, All Saints Day, Nevada Day, and most importantly the anniversary of the day Bethany Hamilton, Soul Surfer, lost her arm in a shark attack leading to courage and resilience which would inspire a nation. 

Also it was Halloween. 

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. More and more adults are participating in the costume fun including our fave (and least fave) politicos and celebrities. Some of their costumes hit and some missed. Here are the best and worst: 

Worst: Mitt and Anne Romney as Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift if they went to the beach in that movie Old 

The second hand embarrassment on this one is almost too much. 

Best: Joe Rogan as his the “Rogan ain’t slick” meme

A fan went viral at the World Baseball Classic for looking like Joe Rogan in a wig. This is a reference costume at its finest. 

Worst: Justin and Hailey Bieber as a Giraffe and…idk a perhaps muslim or orthodox Matrix rebel?


Best: Whoever this is as Joe Biden falling down 

I assume Joe Biden is just wearing a Joe Biden mask in this. 

Worst: Elon Musk as the Wizard of Australia

Halloween as we know it was invented in America and you have to do costumes Americans will understand. IT IS THE LAW!

Best: Lauren Boebert as Cruella 

The movie is a little old (and wasn’t very good) but the costume is really well done and she looks fab.

Worst: Khloe Kardashian as a Black Woman dressed as Cher Horowitz….oh wait she’s a Bratz Doll? 

The sensitivity police aside, this is a terribly executed costume. 

Best: Kourtney Kardashian as Kim Kardashian 

This is hysterical and spot on. 

Worst: Justin Trudeau as a Canadian father

Some people were bugged by his son’s costume but for me it’s Justin’s that flops. The flannel is a little on the nose don’t you think?

Best: This guy who I’ve never heard of but seems to suck a lot dressed as Senator Ted Cruz headed to Mexico 

This guy seems pretty dumb mostly but this costume is funny and features America’s favorite Senator.

Worst: Don Lemon as Kamala Harris 

I can never unsee this. 

Best: Zoe Kravits and Channing Tatum as Rosemary and her baby 

Its dark. Its funny. It’s channing Tatum as a big baby. 10/10. 

Worst: Piers Morgan as Donald Trump in Prison 

I don’t find it offensive. I find it incredibly dull. A mask, Piers? Not even trying.

Best: Jason and Brittany Aldean as President Trump and Joe Biden

They did a whole video and the impressions are pretty good. The enthusiasm and festive spirit is really what sells it. 

Bonus: Jason and Brittany did a Joe Exotic music video last year which was incredible 

In conclusion the best Halloween video which exists in record Presidential history from 2019 please enjoy: