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Which National Dog Show Champ Is Your Favorite Politico? 



On Thanksgiving Day every year the nation is treated to parades, football and the National Dog Show sponsored by Purina. 

Some may not be aware that the dog show is commentated by the election night ‘map guy’ himself, Steve Kornacki. 

In that spirit, let’s combine his worlds and see what dog looks most like American politicians?

Carson the Great Dane who won the Working Group is obviously Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman who also won the Working Group (like unions….this was a great joke). 

Pumpkin the Dalmatian is Republican Presidential Candidate, Nikki Haley who also is a way more aggressive breed than she looks.

Madison the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is Ohio Senator J.D. Vance. Both underrated. Both simultaneously scruffy and clean cut. 

Heathcliff the German Shepherd is New York Congressman George Santos. Beloved. Feared. Feisty. Most likely to get kicked out of the White House for biting Joe Biden.

Comet the Shih Tzu is Missouri Congresswoman Anne Wagner. This speaks for itself. 

Stache the Sealyham is Aregentinian President Javier Milei. Great hair. Huge smile. Big winners.

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