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BREAKING: What’s Joe Biden’s “Wrapped” Look Like This Year?



Every year during the holiday season the popular music and audio media streaming service, Spotify, releases a “Wrapped” summary of each user’s habits over the year. People love the self-descriptive data and go about merrily sharing and comparing all their listening habits no matter how embarrassing or niche or pop-culture.

Here is my take on Spotify Wrapped for our favorite politicians last year.

It also annually provides for a wealth of delightful jokes and memes. This year we’re focused on the “hours spent” portion of the data dump which normally details how many hours a person spent listening to music during the year. The spin on it is a more realistic telling of the hours spent on ~other~ activities.

Here’s how all our nation’s ‘leaders’ spent their time this year: 

Kamala Harris

The U.S./Mexico Border

San Francisco: 

Corporate brands: 

John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton, Andrew Breitbart and Jeffrey Epstein: 

Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton 

President Donald Trump

Corinne and Jennifer

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