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BREAKING: Trump’s Crew Cleans House at RNC



The Republican National Committee (RNC) is getting a major facelift, and it looks like it’s all thumbs up for the GOP. The newly installed Trump-endorsed leadership team is turning things around at lightning speed, and here’s the scoop on why it’s a game-changer.

First things first, they’re on a mission to slim down the RNC’s top brass, and Monday was the day of reckoning. Over 60 staffers, including five big shots, are getting the boot or politely asked to resign. The goal? Say goodbye to bureaucratic hurdles and make the committee a well-oiled machine.

But fear not, armchair pundits! Despite the office shuffling, they’re keeping the lights on when it comes to holding President Joe Biden accountable. So, it’s not all chaos – just a strategic makeover.

And remember those vendor contracts causing headaches? Yeah, they’re slashing those too. It’s like cleaning out the garage after years of accumulating junk. Gotta get rid of the excess baggage, especially when there were whispers of financial mischief under the previous RNC regime led by Ronna McDaniel.

In a letter to the troops, Sean Cairncross, the new Chief Operating Officer, spilled, saying they’re in the process of giving the whole RNC setup a makeover to align with their vision. During this process, some folks are being asked to step down and reapply for their jobs. Talk about a workplace makeover!

According to Politico, they’re calling it a “bureaucracy” purge. Translation: out with the old, in with the new. And boy, are they moving fast. It’s like Trump’s operation is playing musical chairs, and they’re grabbing every seat in the GOP game.

This all comes hot on the heels of Ronna McDaniel’s tearful goodbye in February. Change is never easy, but it looks like the GOP is ready to revamp, refocus, and rebrand under the watchful eye of the Trump-backed team. So, get ready for a whole new ball game, because the GOP is making moves, and they’re making them fast.

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