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Project Veritas Confirms: CNN “Pumping Out Propaganda”



James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has exposed corruption AGAIN with enlightening undercover video detailing the organized bias of CNN.

Though we all expected that CNN contributors suffered from major Trump Derangement Syndrome, the new Project Veritas exclusive provides audio and video evidence of how they actually create their fake news narratives.

James worked with CNN employee, now conservative whistlebower hero, Cory Poarch, who wore a wire and recorded phone calls.

On Fox News, Poarch said he decided to wear a hidden camera after noticing “strong group-think that permeated through the halls.” Poach claims “everyone was on board the ‘I hate Trump Train'” and the network was“pumping out propaganda.”

“It’s basically me wanting the news to be what they used to be — news — and not infotainment or a game show or chasing the ratings,” Poarch told O’Keefe. “CNN purports it to be facts first and that’s clearly not the case.

Perhaps the most damning clip is of reported CNN media coordinator Nick Neville admitting, “Jeff Zucker, basically the president of CNN, has a personal vendetta against Trump… it’s not gonna be positive for Trump. [Zucker] hates him. He’s going to be negative.”

The left is currently working overtime to discredit the new video, but you can watch it here for yourself: