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CNN: F in Debate



This week the American people (primarily those left who haven’t transitioned to streaming services or care enough about a presidential election to find online viewing options a year in advance of voting…so like four people) were treated to one of CNN’s signature crappy debates. 

The Democratic Primary Debate aired on October 15 at 8:00 pm squarely in the middle of prime time television. The ratings were the lowest of any democratic primary debate this year and significantly lower than the last debate which was hosted by ABC. This is unsurprising considering CNN’s abismal reputation as debate hosts and moderators (and journalists).  

“Failure” was the word chose to use when describing CNN’s September 2015 Republican Primary debate and they weren’t alone. Many criticized the nature of the questions which intentionally pitted candidates against one another and patronized the viewing public by soliciting no real information about any one candidate instead aiming for petty cross-talk. At one point Jeb Bush was asked “Are you the puppet [of your mega donors]” to which he unsurprisingly answered “no.” At another point – Carly Fiorina was asked to definitively answer whether or not she thought Donald Trump was a “danger” to the country. The audience learned nothing that night except that Dana Bash and Jake Trapper do not respect them (but that was no real shock). 

In the most recent debate, Joe Biden was given the opportunity to answer why he thought he and his son did nothing wrong in their business dealings with Ukraine. What a shock! The Bidens think the Bidens are innocent! CNN chose to conclude the debate by asking if the candidates had any “surprising” friends (hard hitting stuff) referring to the recent controversy over Ellen Degenerous suggesting (God forbid) we show everyone as much kindness as possible. Brave! 

The debate wasted twenty minutes on one question which was that of impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. Obviously, those running against Trump for President have taken the position that Trump should no longer be President. But it’s no surprise that CNN squandered a third of the debate time on a pointless question intended to expedite the overthrow of American democracy. This week Project Veritas revealed hundreds of hours of audio and video proving CNN’s deeply held bias against President Trump.

The reviews of CNN’s performance were no warmer than in 2015. A reporter from The Hill magazine told Fox News that the debate further damaged CNN’s withering reputation. The feeling of present bias and childish self-congratulation were expressed throughout the media and the candidates in regard to CNN’s poor showing. 

Maybe it’s time to take up dog shows or something, CNN. F. in debate.