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Media Fires Whistleblower In Unbelievable Twist Of Irony



Fox News reported that CBS has fired the former ABC staffer who released the hot mic footage of Amy Robach. The staff member who leaked the footage is, by the standard set by the media, a whistleblower who at the very least deserved protection from being fired. 

Under the law, a whistleblower dealing with illegal or unethical activity outside of a classified setting is anyone who exposes said illegal or unethical activity. They have certain protections under the law such as protection from being fired. Those dealing with government information including classified or confidential documents (such as transcripts from a privileged call from the President to the Ukranian Prime Minister) are only considered whistleblowers if they go through secure channels for revealing the information. The media is not considered a secure channel. 

The media apparently has gotten this completely backwards. For weeks they have lauded and protected the “whistleblower” who through second hand information accused President Trump of quid pro quo by revealing a call with the Ukranian Prime Minister which was not yet declassified to the media and not through designated secure channels. However, when their own has been accused of serious breach of ethical responsibility  – they see no problem in violating her protections as a whistleblower. 

CBS News took a lead role in branding the material witness in the Democrats impeachment inquiry a “whistleblower” when they published his memo detailing his second hand allegations against the President. Refusing reveal his identity (which is not a protection of a whistleblower) CBS no doubt fancied themselves brave and ground-breaking for posting hearsay which suits their own bias. Then they up and fired their own employee who had first hand evidence of unethical behavior of their friends in the leftist media. 

The hypocrisy is so unbelievable it fits better as a poorly written narrative of a pulp political drama on Netflix than reality.