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In 2016, They Said Hillary Would Win – Now They’re Saying This



The latest polls have the media elite smiling from ear to ear.

Numerous surveys show a double-digit advantage for Joe Biden, with solid leads in a number of crucial battleground states.

They also show a competitive edge for Biden in states Donald Trump carried in 2016.

All that suggests the presumptive Democratic nominee is favored to win in November.

But reality would urge caution.

Because the very same polls that show Biden ahead of Trump now also indicated that Hillary Clinton would win in 2016.

USA Today remembers: “Polls in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin showed Clinton winning consistently in the months leading up to Election Day.

Of 104 published polls that surveyed voters in those three states from August to the election, 101 had Clinton winning, two were tied, and one (in Pennsylvania) showed Trump with a slight lead. Many fell within the margin of error, but 15 had Clinton up by double digits at some point.”

Of course, they turned out to be wrong. Trump won all three of those states and the 46 electoral votes in those three victories provided Trump the winning margin he needed to defeat Hillary, stunning those in the media who believed with their whole hearts Hillary would win. 

Let us all remember Don Lemon crying when Trump’s 306 electoral votes smashed Clinton’s total of 232.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel shrugged off the latest numbers, given the left’s history with less than accurate projections. 

“These polls right now are not even significant,” she told Fox Business channel. “One hundred and fifty polls were done between now and the election in 2016 that showed Donald Trump losing.

“The ultimate poll,” she said “is Election Day.”

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