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BREAKING: Trump Administration Makes Huge Move To Protect Conservatives From Discrimination



It’s no surprise to most conservatives: if you stand against the special interest elites, you’ve got a target on your back.

If you’re a Christian, a 2nd Amendment enthusiast, or have ever waved a Gadsden flag at a political rally, you most likely have been targeted by the IRS or censored by big tech.

And the blatant discrimination doesn’t end there.

If you happen to be a conservative-friendly business seeking a loan from one of the many big banks propped up by taxpayer dollars and insured by the FDIC, well, you’ve probably been discriminated against there, too. Wallstreet liberals in charge of America’s biggest banks have been denying credit and capital to any applicant who doesn’t meet their woke af standards.

It’s happened time and time again.

You can read about it here:

And here: 

And again, here:

But the Trump administration is grabbing this bull by the horns and saying NO MORE to these discriminatory practices. They’re standing up for equal application of the law and fair access for all conservative businesses. 

On Friday, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) – a little-known butimportant office within the United States Treasury – proposed a new rule to prevent banks from discriminating against legal businesses and individuals. 

It’s not a glamorous rule, by any means, but it is no doubt impactful.

In a WSJ editorial, the office explained that “the rule would require bankers to do what they do best: assess risk and underwrite credit decisions.” In other words, it encourages them to do their actual jobs instead of applying a broken moral code to their lending processes. 

The OCC also stressed that the rule would “uphold the principle of nondiscrimination so everyone can access the nation’s banking system.”

What seems like a simple proposal has been less-than-welcomed by the leftist media who have either flat out rejected the rule or simply refused to acknowledge it at all. 

The elites on Wallstreet, though, are no doubt kicking and screaming over the request to just stop being the absolute worst. But the small businesses everywhere who really matter, this is a major cause for celebration — well, it would be, if the fake news could be bothered to report on this huge accomplishment from the Trump administration.

For companies who have been denied essential services and access to capital, the rule is nothing short of life changing. 

For Americans who treasure the Constitution and equality, the rule promises a future where big banks represent our strong-held values.

Even in these trying times, President Trump and his team are making big moves to make America great. 

Good job, Mr. President! 👍🏻 

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