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The Republican Party Cannot Survive With So-Called ‘Leaders’ Like Laura Cox In Michigan



The divide between the establishment GOP and actual voters has never been worse. 

Despite the eventual loss, Republican voters made themselves clear in 2020: They stand with President Trump.

He won more votes than any other sitting president in history. Indisputably. (Even Newsweek will give him that.) He expanded GOP margins with black and Latino men and white women voters, despite all rhetoric to the contrary. His rallies filled stadiums and the National Mall with supporters, even after an apparent loss became inevitable. 

In fact, if we were only looking at one side of the numbers: Trump was a huge success for the GOP. He blew away every single GOP candidate before him with numbers even Reagan couldn’t touch. 

If current President Joe Biden had not supposedly overcome every single political precedent and reliable prediction algorithm to receive more votes than literally any other candidate in history – a large portion of which arrived totally NOT suspiciously late at night on trucks from different statesDonald Trump would be president today.

It seems the smart thing for the party would be an attempt to capitalize on the successes of the former president and expand from there. 

But they’re not doing that, of course.

Both federally and locally the official party continues to reject Trump supporters and install leadership officials who are either blatantly critical of the MAGA movement OR outright failed President Trump in 2020.

In Michigan, it’s the latter.

Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox oversaw all Michigan GOP operations for the two years leading up to President Donald Trump’s controversial loss of the state’s electoral votes in 2020. (Michigan also delivered defeat for Republican Senate hopeful, John James, despite him possibly being the coolest Republican candidate to ever run in Michigan. Good job, Laura.)

The humiliating loss of the presidency and the Senate and the incompetency that lead to both losses could serve as a detailed list of reasons why Laura Cox should not be welcome to lead the party any longer. 

Michigan became a battleground for President Trump’s legal team as accusations of fraud and statistical improbabilities regarding the vote count flooded in prior to certification.

Several lawsuits were filed. The USPS was under investigation for suspicious ballot deliveries (and/or lack of). And the state became the hotbed of discussion regarding the Dominion Voting Machines after it was found 6,000 votes were changed from Trump to Biden in Michigan.

Several days of testimony from poll workers told tales of rampant fraud throughout the state’s most crucial swing counties. (Everyone remembers star witness Melissa Carone?) 

During this time, it was also revealed that an unknown amount of ballots were cast on behalf of dead people because Michigan’s Republican party failed to put pressure on the state to clear the voter rolls. 

In some lawsuits, poorly trained Republican officials were blamed (by judges) for initial inaccuracies in the vote counts and the presence of user-operated programming errors made it easier for judges to dismiss potential software glitches. 

In others, partisan judges dismissed claims without hearing the evidence.

A national republican effort for further audit proved unsuccessful and the electoral votes for Michigan  – despite evidence of fraud – were certified by both Democrat and Republican officials.

In other words, Cox’s Republican Party of Michigan failed voters and failed President Trump. (Maybe that’s why she actually announced previously that she wouldn’t run again before she changed her mind and decided to come back into the game?)

But now she thinks she should serve another election cycle in the same position she mismanaged in one of the most important elections of our lifetimes? 

Are you kidding?

Should we just hand over the governorship to that dictator Gretchen Whitmer for another four years now and spare us all the drama of another round of fake elections we won’t try hard enough to prove wrong?

That is what will happen if Laura Cox stays in power.

And that’s what will happen in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona if the Trump Republicans allow these establishment cronies to continue to serve in leadership positions. 

It would serve these local parties well to remember Trump supporters are the biggest voice in the party and they’re not going to vote for and donate to an institution that has seemingly lost the will to fight the battles deemed most important by its members. 

Put simply, if the Republican party expects to survive, they won’t be able to do it with the same chairmen that delivered defeat in 2020. 

Not in Michigan – not anywhere. 

So, bye, Laura. Don’t let the door hit ya on your way out.