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NEW SCOOP: Why Are Candace Owens And Kim Klacik Fighting?



You all know Candace Owens. Daily Wire contributor, podcast host, best selling author, and political rebel. We love Candace and we stan. The only other Candace we like as much as Owens is Candace Cameron and she is a national treasure.

You all know Kimberly Klacik. Reformed democrat, Republican Congressional Candidate in Baltimore, Maryland and political rising star. The only Kimberly we like as much as Kimberly Klacik is Kimberly Guilfoyle who is a leader and a gem.

These two conservative moms (the kids say “mom” now to mean inspirational female leader) are at odds and I for one am not happy. 

Apparently, back in June Owens accused Klacik of being a stripper and a fraud. Now, Klacik is suing Owens for $20 million alleging that Owen’s comments are baseless and cost Klacik a book deal as well as political endorsements and fundraising. 

But Owens says the lawsuit is frivolous and that Klacik is trying to distract from her potentially scandalous FEC filings. 

Meanwhile the left continues to discredit, beat down and silence conservative women accusing us of “internalized sexism” and dismissing our viewpoints. 

So I think I speak for us all when I say: STOP FIGHTING MOMS!

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