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What’s This ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’ Trend And How Is It Going To Help Conservatives Take The Senate?



Just a few weeks ago, the entire nation broke into a high-energy, anti-Joe Biden chant.

And it was pretty offensive.

One reporter mistook a clear insult towards the president as enthusiastic cheering for a race car driver named Brandon. But, the crowd was actually saying “F*CK JOE BIDEN.”

Hear for yourself:

Now, okay, that’s aggressive.

All Joe Biden has really done so far is mandate vaccines, kill American energy, invite millions of undocumented immigrants through our open borders, destroy our economy, stomp all over our constitution, leave our people and equipment in Afghanistan, and threaten the livelihoods of 100 million American workers.

Alright, so, the chant totally makes sense. Everyone can get on board with this.

But the millions of Americans who aren’t down to scream the ‘F’ word in public are adopting “let’s go, Brandon!” as an alternative chant to send the same message: “we’re not happy with you, Joe Biden!”

It seems you can’t go anywhere now without being followed by a “Let’s Go, Brandon!” cheer.

Conservative groups have even started selling “Let’s Go, Brandon!” t-shirts to raise money to Take Back The Senate and really stick it to Joe.

Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden has not commented on this trend. He’s probably not sure who Brandon is.

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