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Are Netflix Liberals Walking Out Because They’re RACIST?



Netflix featured prominent comedian, Dave Chapelle, known for his bombastic and controversial style of “tell it like it is” stand-up. The streaming platform had a five special lineup with Chapelle which he fulfilled with his final installment, The Closer. See the Conservative Critics review of the special here.

Chapelle spent the majority of his special defending his prior stand-up content which some believed was offensive to the LGBT community. One of Chapelle’s main points of concern with this criticism is the disparity between how certain minority communities are treated when it comes to the value of their life. He cited a famous rap artist who shot and killed a black man in a WalMart and never got canceled and continues to have a thriving career. The incident is not even widely known and barely made the news. However when Chapelle made fun of some members of the LGBT community and hurt their feelings, it was as if he’d committed genocide. Chapelle posits that the truth is that the LGBT community is not justified in their victim complex and did not have as difficult of a struggle as Black Americans considering the current socio-economic realities of LGBT individuals versus black individuals. 

Here to prove his point: enter the progressives who work at Netflix. Believing that censorship is a wonderful value to cherish in our hearts, the employees of Netflix are mad that the streaming service dared to host someone who said things they subjectively didn’t think were nice. They’re staging a “walk-out” to teach those big bad bosses a lesson.

These entitled Los Angeles residents think that their employer whose mission is to provide entertainment contact to a wide demographic of audiences should censor that content based on totally subjective opinions about what is and is not kind. It’s ironic that they’ve chosen one of the first prominent black artists of comedy to protest – totally ignoring his contributions to his community and to American comedy – while believing themselves to be cloaked in pure progressive robes of white.

These brave purveyors of justice are here to finally ensure that we all know controversial content in artistic works is evil and it must be stopped. 

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