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Here’s Exactly What’s Going On With The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial



Last night Tucker Carlson discussed how bizarre the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has played out so far as Rittenhouse himself takes the stand today. 

As a refresher, Rittenhouse attended the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year armed with a rifle. He shot three individuals while at the riots and two died. Prosecutors have said Rittenhouse murdered those two individuals but Rittenhouse says he acted in self-defense. The trial is to determine whether Rittenhouse is guilty of murder or will be acquitted of charges based on his claim of self-defense. 

As Tucker points out, this all seems pretty straight forward and like any other murder trial in America on any given day. But for some reason this trial has played out pretty unusually. 

Tucker points out that so far, every witness called by the prosecution has either intentionally or accidentally supported Rittenhouse’s claim that his life was in danger when he fired his rifle including one of the individuals Rittenhouse shot. 

That’s right, Gaige Grosskreutz, a self proclaimed communist and BLM rioter who was supposed to be the star of the prosecutorial witness list, admitted on the stand that Rittenhouse only fired his weapon after Grosskruetz aimed a loaded gun at Rittenhouse’s face. This admission came after significant photo evidence was presented to the court and to Grosskruetz who has previously lied and said that Rittenhouse shot first. Grosskruetz, unlike Rittenhouse, was also carrying his weapon illegally which he admitted on the stand. 

Further, another prosecutorial witness, a Daily Caller reporter who was inches from Rittenhouse when he shot and killed convicted child molestor, Joseph Rosenbaum, actually hurled verbal assaults at Rittenhouse including his express intention to “kill” Rittnehouse and reached for his own gun before Rittenhouse fired his weapon and killed him. 

Finally, a prosecutorial witness testified that the last victim, a man convicted of domestic violence named Anthony Huber, was beating Rittenhouse on the head with his skateboard before Rittenhouse fired his weapon killing him. 

None of this has stopped the leftist media from referring to him as “a classic school shooter.” 

See Tucker’s remarks below: 

Tucker Carlson: Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is the most bizarre court proceeding ever caught on camera | Fox News

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Roy Schlobohm

    November 11, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    The Truak is totally Political. The Deep State want to come down very HARD against those that apprise them. They will do anything to stop resistance
    to their agenda. Look at the Harsh and illegal treatment the January 6 protesters are having to indure.
    This is all part of a strategy to take down America.
    1. Control the press and social media
    2. Keep inflaming the Racial divide. Making Americans hate one another
    3. Create Inflation
    4. Create Enery shortages
    5. Create mistrust in our Government
    6. Create Open Borders
    We as a Nation need to wake up to the Deep States intentions to bring down
    This is all orchestrated by Obama, Susan Rice, George Soros, Bill Gates and
    Their Cabal.
    If I as a lay person iof 80 years can figure this out by being aware of all that is going on in our Great country anybody can.
    We all need to WAKE UP and see what is happening.

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