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A JOB FOR THE DISINFORMATION BOARD: Why Is The World Covering For Hunter Biden?



In the latest attempt to turn our nation into an Orwellian dystopia, the Biden regime has announced new surveillance program (read: censorship) they plan to put in place ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. They call it the “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Which is enough to make any student of history RUN, in my opinion.

The board will be a part of the Department of Homeland Security and it’s state goal is to focus on countering “disinformation” about illegal immigration and Russia. Of course, this was announced just days after Elon Musk successfully purchased Twitter with the promise to reinstate free speech.

The head of the board is woke activist Nina Jankowicz who has a long history of speaking out against free speech… and if we’re holding the Biden administration to any standards at all, she should be punished for “misinformation” herself!

Her public testimony was crucial in dismissing the Hunter Biden Laptop as “Russian disinformation” in 2020.

At that time, she tweeted that the laptop was a “fairy tale” and claimed, “the Kremlin used proxies to push influence narratives, including misleading or unsubstantiated claims about President Biden.” She also pushed any sources that discredited the laptop with comments like, “yet more doubt on the provenance of the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story.”

We know now, of course, that the laptop is very real and NOT Russian propaganda at all.

The laptop is actually a matter of national security and proves the president’s involvement in potentially shady international business deals.

Unsurprisingly, the entire administration is complicit in a coverup that no “Disinformation Board” will touch.

If Nina was truly concerned about misinformation, maybe she’d go after Jen Psaki for this nonsense avoidance this week?

Not holding my breath….