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Biden’s Ministry of Truth Is The Worst Thing The Left Has Done Yet



You may have read that Joe Biden has created (by fiat) the Disinformation Governance Board through the Department of Homeland Security. The move seems to come in response to Elon Musk buying Twitter and promising to uphold the values of free speech. The Party cannot let that stand. The board’s stated goal will be to combat “disinformation” and “misinformation” as determined by the Party board. 

Many good Americans and primarily conservative political thinkers have drawn the quite obvious comparison to this board to the Ministry of Truth from the George Orwell classic 1984. 

The bar is extremely low for what the Party is willing to do to implement tyranny and eliminate the United States democratic republic as we know it. But the creation of this board manages to be the worst thing they have done yet. 

The absolute fundamental cornerstone of a free country is the ability to speak and convene without oppression from the hegemony. The left for years has tried to reinterpret that basic core element of freedom to mean that speech should only be protected from the government and not, for example, the monopolized media, social media and Party influence. Now they seem to have totally removed their mask exposing the belief they have always held which is that freedom is dangerous, speech must be censored and control is all. 

If this board is allowed to stand, America is no longer a free nation, period. 

Here is a list of the Party’s greatest tyrannical acts leading up to this latest and most egregious act of suppression: 

  1. The total shutdown of our businesses and economy against our will 

People, like Shelley Luther in Dallas Texas who was pardoned by Governor Abbott, were even jailed by liberal activist judges for refusing to follow an edict to shutter their legal businesses. 

  1. They forced us into house arrest 

Calling it a “stay-at-home” order doesn’t make it different from house arrest if you can be criminally prosecuted for leaving your house without work papers. Liberal’s literally said that if someone left their house without government permission it “constitutes an imminent threat, creates an immediate menace to public health…”

  1. They colluded with the media and major corporations to ensure Party point-of-view was the only point-of-view presented as truth during the 2020 election and beyond 

They literally admit to this as if it is not corrupt beyond wildest belief. They called it “protecting the election.” 

  1. They attempted to impeach a properly elected President using a basically made-up crime 

“Obstruction of Congress” is a made up phrase and is not a crime. When the Party couldn’t actually prove “contempt of Congress” or “Obstruction of justice” (the actual crimes that are real) they just made up one and went with it anyway willing to remove a President they didn’t like by any means necessary. 

  1. They forced people to get a vaccine against their will or face the loss of income 

The Supreme Court eventually stepped in on that obvious overstep but that didn’t stop them from terrorizing working Americans for months leading up to the ruling. 

  1. They tried to specifically limit religious worship 

The Party tried to first ban religious worship at places of worship and then when the Supreme Court vacated their plans, they tried again to ban religious worship at home as late into the pandemic as April of 2021.

  1. They ended the free-flow of international travel 

Non-citizens were not allowed to travel at all into the United States and even citizens still are required to provide cumbersome additional information like COVID-19 testing and tracking to re-enter their own country.

  1. They ensured that illegal and unverified ballots would be counted in the 2020 election

It is not my opinion that the ballots are illegal, it is the opinion of multiple federal court rulings of course all far too late to impact election outcomes. 

  1. They held U.S. citizens in cruel and unusual circumstances for months 

Some were even held in solitary confinement. Defense attorneys reported that prisoners were made, for months, to eat off the floor and spend 23-hours a day in total solitude. They report that they were unable to conduct their role as lawyers and were kept from their clients illegally. A transwoman was made to remain naked in her cell as a form of humiliation punishment for asking for her necessary medicine.

Other rioters (even those who attacked federal judges which constituted insurrection) were not subject to these conditions because the politics of their riots were better suited to the Party. 

Ultimately, the Party will do anything they can to shift America from a free nation to one that is controlled by their narrative. The creation of their Ministry of Truth is the widening of a long road covered in the detritus of a formerly thriving liberated society. 

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