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BREAKING: Do We Have FINAL Election Results From Arizona Now?



Do Republicans have a new hero?


Following the absolute DISASTER of an election in Arizona, the current Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, is refusing to certify the results until we get answers on what exactly went wrong. 

AG Brnovich is putting Arizona’s election integrity unit to work already to get to the bottom of it. He sent a letter to Maricopa County, questioning “potential statutory violations” of the state’s election laws that most likely disproportionately affected Republican voters.

According to the letter, the election integrity unit received “received hundreds of complaints” that “go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law.” 

They broke the violations down into three key points. 

  1. Ballot tabulators were broken at over 60% of polling places in Maricopa County. 
  2. Poll workers distributed improper information at the voting locations that discouraged or prevented voters from casting their ballots at a location with working tabulators.
  3. A substantial number of ballots could have been “accidentally” (or illegally) mixed with votes that had already been counted because they were not transported properly. 

Right now, the spread between Kari Lake and that Democrat no one really can even name is less than 17,000 votes.

That makes this race EXTREMELY CLOSE. 

It’s absolutely the best call to delay certification when the numbers are this close and we KNOW these errors could’ve impacted the results. Election Day voters are usually REPUBLICANS – who actually try to avoid this fraud nonsense by voting ON Election Day – but with broken machines and other drama, it’s very possible that the vote was suppressed. In addition, the issue with ballot transportation suggests that a recount may be necessary, even if we disregard the issues with the voting machines.

It’s clear Kari Lake is still in this fight, too. In a new video, she said: “I am still in this fight with you. For two years, I’ve been sounding the alarm about our broken election system here in Arizona – and this past week has confirmed everything we’ve been saying.” 

Supposedly, the Arizona Attorney General will have a report from Maricopa County by November 28th that responds to all of the accusations of election violations. 

Can’t wait to see it!