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Could this be true? Happy anniversary to the time the CIA did JFK



Could this be true? Is a series that looks at how conspiracy theories could plausibly (even loosely) be true. Liberals will hate this series because they’re soulless no-funs without an ounce humor or pallet for tongue and cheek. That’s how we know it’ll be great!

This is the third installment in our series and in honor of the 59th anniversary of the tragedy,  we will explore how the conspiracy theory that the CIA was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy could be at least true in-part. The first installment tackled how Katy Perry could be Jon Benet Ramsey and the second explored how birds aren’t real.

So let’s take a look: the CIA killed JFK: 

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been the subject of conspiracies since the day it happened. The event was so shocking and scandalous that Americans have never really been able to swallow the official story of the events which took place in Dallas that day. 

In order to break down the particular theory that the CIA was actually behind the assassination, lets first look at all of the issues people tend to find peculiar, inaccurate or unexplained in regard to the official story.

The official story says that JFK was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald from the window of a nearby building while he was riding in a convertible sitting next to his wife, Jackie. The seat in front of Kennedy included Texas Governor John Connally and his wife, Nellie. Connally was also shot but recovered from the wound. JFK and an officer protecting the president both died a half an hour after being shot. Oswald was arrested and charged shortly after that. As Oswald was being taken into custody, he was shot and killed. Jacky Ruby, a “night club owner”, was arrested and convicted of the murder of Oswald but his conviction was overturned on appeal. However, Ruby died in prison before he was cleared of his charges. 

After 10 months of investigation by a special commission, it was officially concluded that Oswald was the perpetrator and he acted alone in killing Kennedy and subsequently Ruby acted alone in killing Oswald.

Much later, in 1979, a Congressional committee determined that there was clear evidence of a second gunman firing at the President but they could not determine identity. The Justice Department has since closed all investigations on the matter stating that there is no evidence to support a “conspiracy” of any kind. 

There is a lot to pull out of the story which makes it rife for theories of cover-ups. Let’s examine all of the weirdness: 

  • The Warren Commission, referenced above, did not have outside investigators contribute the evidence but relied solely on Department of Justice 
  • The death of Oswald before he could even be questioned
  • Jack Ruby dying in prison before his conviction could be overturned 
  • The Congressional Committee determined that there was definitely another shooter, a fact which the original investigatory committee refused to acknowledge, favoring the outlandish “single bullet” narrative. Why?  

These and many other inconsistencies and issues with the official story and investigation is why no one believes the final word on the JFK assassination. Now let’s take a look at why the cover-up is CIA/deep state and not one of the other many conspiracy theories: 

It’s been said that the JFK assassination is the mother of all conspiracies.There have been thousands of books written on the subject covering hundreds of possible cover-up scenarios. But the CIA/deep state scenario stands out as plausible for several reasons. 

Jack Ruby 

Widely coined as a “night club owner,” the official record tends to leave out that Jack Ruby was a known federal informant and former member of organized crime. In unsealed documents, Ruby correspondent with federal agents and other informants to “watch fo the fireworks” on the day of JFK’s assassination. That’s extremely suspicious not only in proof of conspiracy but also in proof that the conspiracy was in fact orchestrated by federal law enforcement who leaned on informants with a history of violence to carry out the task without leaving CIA/FBI fingerprints.

The media presence during the Oswald arrest 

The reason there is no doubt that Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald is because it happened live on television and was photographed about 100 times by a swarm of reporters who were for some reason allowed to be not only present but en masse as the police were trying to arrest someone they say killed the President. In what universe is an extraction of this magnitude a place where the police, federal or otherwise, would allow the media? There are journalistic photographs from every stage of the arrest, not just from the exterior of the building. It’s truly baffling except if someone really wanted the Jack Ruby shot to be on camera.

The Warren Commission 

The Warren Commission on JFK has been widely criticized by scholars and journalists (including Walter Cronkite) for its lack of transparency and proper investigative ethics. Specifically, the commission did not force a third party investigator on to the FBI and CIA but allowed the agencies to simply investigate themselves internally. Why in any investigation where a conspiracy is in question would anyone be allowed to investigate themselves? Except to ensure the outcome of their choosing. 

In fact, upon taking office Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson didn’t even want to do an investigation at all. He insisted that the assassination of the sitting American president was a “local killing” and not the business of the federal government. Very odd.

Additionally, would-be President Gerald Ford (who would take the helm following another historic scandal) served on the commission and was leaking all of the information he got straight to the FBI. 

Chief Justice Warren, for whom the commission was named, was a deeply close personal friend of the Kennedy family. His conduct as head of the investigation was dubious at best. He did not allow the other commissioners to review the autopsy photos, he did not allow the other commissioners to interview known associates of Oswald, and he did not allow the interview of Jackie Kennedy even in private. 

The existence of the almost completely fake investigation led by friends of the Kennedy’s seemed almost totally designed to actually cover up all evidence and protect the Department of Justice rather than uncover any truths. 

The CIA and FBI knew Lee Harvey Oswald well and lied about it 

Finally, the CIA and FBI absolutely lied and misled the commission (we now know from unclassified records) about their prior contact with Oswald. In fact, it seems that Oswald was connected to unsanctioned CIA activities in Cuba at the time of the assassination. They had been following or working directly with Oswald for months or maybe even years before he allegedly killed JFK. In the lens of the plausibility that the CIA actually orchestrated JFK’s death, it would seem they were harassing and stalking Oswald and even threatened his wife which caused Oswald to send a threatening note to the Dallas branch of the FBI saying he’d “blow them up”. There are mixed reports on whether he meant literally or he meant that he’d “blow their cover.” He very easily could have meant “blow their cover” which could be why they chose him to frame in the first place. Or they had chosen him long ago for some other connection to their Cuban operations.

It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that Oswald was himself a federal informant or CIA asset. Newly declassified documents strongly suggest that he was. Not only was Oswald a former marine who frequently traveled and lived in countries that were America’s most sensitive enemies in the 1950s and 1960s but CIA Director Richard Helms was asked directly by the committee if Oswald was an asset or an agent. The document which shows Helms was asked the question was unsealed, but his answer remains a mystery to the American public. Why would Helms’ answer continue to be classified unless it was: yes. 


The Warren Commission, the FBI, the CIA nor the police provided any motive for Lee Harvey Oswald to murder the President and neither could they connect him to the Kennedy family whatsoever. No subsequent investigation has determined any personal motivation for Oswald to murder the President or for that matter, for Jack Ruby to be waiting in the basement with a loaded weapon to shoot and kill Oswald. Ruby claims he acted out of patriotism but why did he have the gun? Why was he waiting there? How did police let him through their team? 

However, there is plenty of motive for the deep state to want Kennedy out and Johnson in. In fact, the Kennedy assassination was the first of four high profile assassinations that would occur in the 1960s which all seem pretty connected to the federal law enforcement system including Kennedy’s own brother. The sequence went: JFK, Malcolm X in 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 and Robert Kennedy in 1968. It doesn’t take a historical scholar to notice that these men seem connected to each other. Two were brothers and close political confidants, and two were leaders of civil rights for black Americans and ran in very similar political circles. Each one of these men’s deaths were absolutely riddled with the same issues as JFK’s and have spawned decades worth of conspiracies. What are the odds that such closely connected men would die so close together and all under such suspicious circumstances?  

All of these men were at odds with the FBI and CIA. JFK and his brother, who was his de facto chief of staff during his Presidency and a front running candidate for President at the time of his death, were extremely critical of J. Edgar Hoover (the father of the FBI) and worked to curtail the influence of federal law enforcement. They both also could have been viewed to pose a serious risk to American stability in the eyes of the deep state. Kennedy was known for raucous behavior, affairs, scandals and possibly even connections to organized crime. Robert was no different. But perhaps most importantly, the two brothers seemed to be becoming aware that the CIA had manipulated them and the entire American people into hostilities with Cuba and Russia. There is plenty of motivation for the deep state to want to rid themselves of the two powerful wild cards.

The Subsequent Activity of the CIA Conspirators

Another major factor that points to the CIA as the perpetrator is who benefitted from Kennedy’s death. Following his assassination, the deep state has only grown. Fear of danger to our elected officials and democracy was able to be capitalized upon to increase their reach. And the individual actors of the conspiracy and subsequent cover up all fared well except the actual scapegoats, Oswald and Ruby. 

Everett Howard Hunt, a CIA agent who multiple eye-witnesses including several agents identified as being present (and lying about his identity) at the assassination of Kennedy would go on to be a consultant in the Nixon White House in charge of political sabatoge. He lead the charge on breaking and entering and stalking political opponents’ personal lives including doctor’s offices and almost certainly orchestrated the Watergate break-in. The break in which led to Gerald Ford (the guy who leaked all the investigation info to the FBI and CIA during the Warren Commission proceedings) becoming President. 

Hunt was also involved in “investigating” the  incidents at Chappaquiddick involving Senator Edward Kennedy and the death of a young woman in his car. He also forged several documents which fraudulently made wild claims about JFK’s involvement in global destabilization. It is not a stretch to say that Hunt was, perhaps at the order of his superiors, obsessed with taking down the Kennedy family. 

It’s also worth noting that Hunt’s first wife died in a mysterious plane crash while holding $10,000 of cash in her purse (about $70,000 modern value). The FBI arrived on the scene of the crash and interviewed all witnesses and collected/tampered with all evidence before the appropriate law enforcement (the NTSB) could arrive on scene.

Bonus: George H. W. Bush did Kennedy 

One piece of the CIA assassination conspiracy theory that never gets talked about is the involvement of George H. W. Bush. George H. W. Bush was one of the founding fathers of the modern CIA and under his Vice Presidency and Presidency greatly expanded its power. 

Enter the Russian oil mogul. George de Mohrenschildt was a Russian born Texas oil tycoon who happened to be both the father of George H.W. Bush’s roommate but also a good friend of Jacky Kennedy’s parents. Days following the death of JFK, he wrote to H. W. Bush from Haiti said he knew Oswald. This is significant in that it is believed Mohrenschildt was a CIA asset who was working to overthrow Fidel Castro. The location of the letter from Haiti helps confirm this theory. By saying he knew Oswald, it is believed he was alerting his friend George that the assassination was an inside job. 

The problem? Bush already knew. Investigative journalists and authors link him to Cuban intelligence (and possibly overthrow) operations as early as age 18 within the CIA, a decade before he claims to have joined. The Bushes and federal government covered this up all the way until 2018 claiming the George H.W. Bush on record in 1963, who received this letter, was a different Bush. 

When asked about the letter Bush testified that he barely knew the man despite having accepted the letter (and perhaps a phone call) from him. The government spent the next decade destroying Mohrenschildt. The Warren Commission and subsequent House investigation classified him as a publicity seeking mental patient. He lost everything. He finally wrote to George again once Gerald Ford had been installed in office asking for help. Bush, who once claimed he barely knew the man and was the head of the CIA at the time, took the time to respond expressing his sympathies but offering no assistance. Mohrenschildt was found dead of “suicide” shortly after. After his death, his wife was able to produce a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald holding the rifle said to have shot Kennedy in the backyard of his Dallas home. 

To the day he died, George H. W. Bush never could say where he was on the day of the Kennedy assassination other than in Texas and never confirmed that he was THE George H. W. Bush from the CIA records. But what an absurd coincidence it would be that he was not considering it was Gerald Ford (the Warren Commission leak) who appointed Bush to CIA Director after allegedly only one year of service to the CIA.

Wrapping it all up: It is extremely plausible that the CIA assassinated JFK 

The evidence against the CIA regarding the killing of President Kennedy is not totally conclusive but it’s definitely plausible. Every time more documents are released the deep state seems more guilty. This one is so plausible it’s downright likely. 

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