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BREAKING: George Santos And The Breathtaking Hypocrisy Of The Left 



Over the holiday weekend you may have seen some bombshells coming out about New York Congressman, George Santos and some  … err… discrepancies in his resume and often told stories of life. 

But as ridiculous and outrageous it is that Santos would lie about things to make him seem like he’s had a harder life (relatability! Politicians are just like us  … not) the left’s pearl clutching is a little ridiculous all things considered.

The fact is, the cold hard fact, is that all politicians will lie to you. They do it every single day when they tell you they care about stuff that they do not care about at all. What’s weirder about this absolute fact, is that we all know it. It’s not a bombshell. We literally expect to be lied to by the people we elect and in some cases we demand the lie. It’s part of why President Donald Trump is so refreshing and has such a deeply loyal voter block – he may be brash but he isn’t an insipid liar. 

But more specifically, the left has been caught in some real bizarre doozies not unlike Santos.

Take for example, Chieftess Elizabeth Warren’s completely fabricated claim that she was Native American. A claim she used to take advantage of an affirmative action program at her place of employment prior to Congress. The discovery of this lie (by Trump actually) has caused Warren to be teased but she hasn’t been prosecuted, kicked off committees or sanctioned. She’s had no real consequences. 

Or another example, what about Joe Biden’s literal constant lying about his life? He repeatedly claims he “taught law school for over 20 years” which is entirely false (this hilarious fact check article claims this is true because he was an adjunct process who taught an “occasional class” over the years). He has claimed on multiple occasions that his son died in combat. No son of Joe Biden died in service to his country unless there is an illegitimate one he keeps forgetting he didn’t tell us about. This isn’t even to mention the obviously fake “corn pop” story.

Or what about the time Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) took to the media in tears claiming that she was so terrified for her life during the events of January 6 that the trauma was the same as her prior sexual assault. But it turns out AOC was about a half a mile away safely in another building. There are a myriad of articles doing mental gymnastics to make her story somehow remotely true despite 0 rioters ever making it anywhere close to the office buildings. 

At the end of the day, Santos made some stuff up and I’m not here to defend his lies. But I seriously doubt the people of his district voted for him because of the nonsense of a couple of tales. And furthermore – lefties – remember that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. 

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