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BREAKING: Elon Musk Names New CEO Of Twitter 



Elon Musk has announced his successor as CEO for Twitter and he looks like a really good boy. 

Musk appreciates how important this role is to Twitter users and to stakeholders alike so he took the time to detail the qualifications of Twitter’s new leader: 

He also made sure to highlight that he’ll make a great figurehead. He’s an aspirational leader. 

Some Twitter users were really happy with the news and had some great ideas to round out Twitter’s leadership: 

Some of his peers didn’t understand why someone so qualified would accept such a ruff job. 

Some are comparing this move to other momentous leadership changes in history. 

Some people were not impressed with the leadership change and think that Twitter will be run similarly to their disliking. 

Some people had alternative suggestions. 

Congratulations to Floki! We can’t wait to see your vision implemented at Twitter.