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LOL! Did Joe Biden Just Say He’s Moving To Canada



As expected, the gaffes keep coming from President Joe Biden. During a recent trip to Canada, he declared that he was “staying in Canada,” leaving many wondering if he had lost his mind or was simply out of touch.

Of course, we all know that Biden didn’t mean to say he was staying in Canada permanently. But this blunder is just another example of how the president can’t seem to get his words straight. It’s not just about misspeaking or making a simple mistake. It’s about the fact that he appears to be constantly confused and disoriented.

For conservatives, this is not only concerning but also infuriating. We deserve a president who can articulate his thoughts and communicate with the American people and our allies without causing unnecessary confusion or embarrassment.

Biden’s gaffe in Canada is just one of many examples of his incompetence. From his disastrous handling of the border crisis to his lack of leadership in foreign policy, he’s shown time and time again that he’s not fit for the job.