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LOL! Kamala’s New Role Is Kind Of Scary For America



The Biden Administration has finally found its new AI Czar, and none other than Vice President Kamala Harris has been appointed to oversee the responsible development of artificial intelligence. As if we needed another reason to be worried about the future of AI, right?

The White House claims that AI is a powerful technology, but we must mitigate its risks. And who better to do that than someone who’s already struggling to manage the southern border crisis?

In her new role, Harris will meet with CEOs from tech companies like Google and Microsoft to discuss the possible pitfalls of AI development. It’s a pretty serious issue, and we hope she’s up to the task. It’s possible the VP might actually be perfect for this, considering all of her speeches sound like they were written by a first-generation AI program.

So, who knows? Maybe Kamala is just the perfect fit for this job. After all, she’s already got experience being in charge of something that’s going pretty poorly. Let’s hope she can turn it around and make sure AI doesn’t become another disaster under her watch.

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