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BREAKING: Trump Found Guilty?! Get The Latest Details On The Corrupt Witch Hunt



Yesterday, a New York City jury found former President Donald Trump liable for one of the most bogus charges he’s faced so far: sexual battery and defamation in a civil case brought by writer E. Jean Carroll.

The accusations, which included rape, were vehemently denied by Trump.

Carroll first made these accusations in her 2019 book, years after the alleged assault took place, and never reported it to the police. Despite having no hard proof that the assault occurred, the low burden of proof in civil cases allowed the jury to find Trump liable for sexual battery.

While Trump was not found liable for rape, the media continues to use the accusation in their reporting. The judge awarded Carroll $5 million in damages, a move that could politically damage Trump – which is the ultimate goal of this whole witch hunt.

In response to the verdict, Trump took to his new social media platform, Truth Social, to denounce the trial as a “disgrace” and “a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time!” Trump’s lawyers have already announced that they will appeal the decision.

As with many cases against conservatives, this seems to be politically motivated. The media continues to conveniently leave out the actual facts of the case because it would interfere with their ultimate goal: damaging Trump’s reputation.

Corinne spoke about this witch hunt on the very liberal-friendly network, Sky News.

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