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LOL! This Comedian Just Proved Why Target Is Absolutely RIDICULOUS



Right-wing comedian Alex Stein ventured into Target to test their “tuck-friendly” female bathing suits, and he absolutely exposed the utter absurdity of the entire concept.

His HILARIOUS video surpassed any anti-Target content I’ve come across from the right, that’s FOR SURE.

In fact, it might even be the very reason Target decided to withdraw some of their outlandish pride-month-inspired units. Watch and see for yourself:

There’s no doubt in my mind that a Target executive must have stumbled upon a viral video featuring the intended purchaser of this suit -a man- wearing one of these purposely designed bathing suits and come to the realization that, “wow, this is a complete failure.”

Alex mocked them. With their own product. And the truth was so obvious even the most perverted, pro-tucking, leftist couldn’t ignore it.

Once again, Alex Stein outshines any annoying pundit within our right-wing ranks. His impressive modeling effectively showcased to Target, as well as the world, the sheer ludicrousness and perversity of this entire notion of “tucking swimsuits.”

Way to go, Alex!

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