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LOL! Trump Just Posted This Incredibly Funny Video



You’ve got to hand it to Donald Trump, he sure knows how to make a statement. In response to Ron DeSantis’ “Twitter Space” announcement, Trump posted a side-splitting parody video on Instagram that had everyone rolling with laughter.

The video starts with the Florida governor and hopeful presidential candidate getting increasingly frustrated with technical difficulties and interruptions from fellow users. And let me tell you, the characters involved in this comedy sketch are something else!

We’ve got the iconic liberal philanthropist, George Soros, and Republican Darth Vader, Dick Cheney, who can’t seem to stop coughing. Then, the ‘FBI account’ mistakenly blurts out, “So how are we going to take out Trump, you guys?” Oops, looks like they forgot it wasn’t a private call!

Elon Musk’s icon jumps in, reminding the FBI that this is a public forum.

But the real highlights are the conversations between Hitler and the devil. Yes, you read that right! They’re having a chat while DeSantis tries to get a word in. And finally, the Florida governor shouts, “I’m running for f***ing president, okay?”

But the Trump icon steals the show, much like the real Trump always does. He cuts across everyone, asserting himself as “the real president” and confidently declares that he’ll “kick the devil’s a** very soon” and even threatens to put the chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and George Soros behind bars. Talk about making a bold statement!

Trump signs off with gusto, proclaiming, “Ron DeSanctimonious can kiss my big 2024 presidential a**. Trump 2024 baby, let’s go!” That’s our former president, never one to shy away from a fight.

Inappropriate? Sure. But it’s also too funny to avoid laughing out loud.

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