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BREAKING: Everything That Went Wrong (And Right!) With Ron’s Big Night



Last night was a big deal in the world of Ron DeSantis as he kicked off his presidential campaign with a Twitter audio stream featuring FPF’s favorite weirdo, Elon Musk. Ron followed it up with an appearance on Fox News alongside former GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy.

Now, I’m NOT the Conservative Critic but I can confidently say the overall performance was very “meh” and left MUCH TO BE DESIRED from the whole DeSantis operation.

First, the Twitter stream was a total disaster, with a whopping 30 minutes of technical glitches. And the interview with Trey Gowdy was not a headline maker at all. Ron spoke only to a room full of people who already agreed with him on everything. Where’s the excitement?

I’ve already made my mind up, of course, (TRUMP 2024!) but if I was on the fence – this wouldn’t cut it.

It was 100% the kind of lackluster performance that Republican voters are sick and tired of.

It was boring. It was uninspired. It felt like the same old establishment playbook we thought we were finally throwing out in 2016. I’m already yawning, and it’s only day one for Tiny D.

Matt Gaetz (lovingly, I’m sure) summed up the events with one word: DeSedative.

Couldn’t agree more.

The problem here is clear to me: Ron’s consultants definitely told him he needed to “introduce himself,” as if he were speaking to a crowd who had never even heard of Florida before.

But this isn’t the general election where maybe a few people who normally don’t tune in just jumped in the game…

This is the Republican primary. We all know who he is! We know what he’s done! What we really need to see is whether or not he can bring that same Florida energy to the national stage.

And ENERGY is super important because any formidable Republican who poses a threat to the corrupt system we’re living under is going to be facing a constant battle from now to… whenever we can finally abolish the FBI.

That’s something we need Ron to confront if he wants to be a serious contender, which he failed to do last night.

The number one enemy for the next conservative president of the United States isn’t Joe Biden or the Democratic Party. It’s the deep state and the corporate media elites who run this country. We’re talking about CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and the FBI. The New York Times, Washington Post, and the shady AF Department of Justice. They represent everything we Republicans despise. For six years they’ve been on a mission to take down Trump, attack parents, and crush our way of life. So, if DeSantis wants to have a chance, he needs to take them head-on, right from the start. Forget about Biden (he’s just a puppet, if we’re being honest).

We’ve seen DeSantis have some good moments in Florida and he definitely shines brightest when he takes on dishonest journalists and puts them in their place. He has a knack for making them look foolish. But now, he has to take it up a notch and make it look even easier than Trump does. And let me tell you, that’s no easy task.

If last night is any indication, it doesn’t look like he’s up to the challenge.

Just take a moment to compare Ron’s media blitz with the live “town hall” interview Trump did on CNN earlier this month.

The difference is stark. Trump exudes freshness, determination, and he’s declared a clear enemy. DeSantis, on the other hand, read from a script about as well as Kaitlin Collins that same night.

So, there’s room for improvement, I think. Best of lucky, Tiny D!