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BREAKING: Did This Reporter Just WISH DEATH On A Supreme Court Justice?



In a stunning display of left-wing vitriol, Elie Mystal, the self-proclaimed justice correspondent for The Nation and frequent mouthpiece on MSNBC, stooped to a new low by suggesting that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito should be taken on a trip to “see the Titanic.”

Clearly, Mystal’s inability to construct a coherent argument is only surpassed by his tasteless sense of humor.

When confronted with the rightful criticism of his appalling remarks, Mystal shamelessly defended himself, claiming it was all just a “joke.” However, his feeble attempt at humor fell flat, leaving a trail of disgust and condemnation in its wake.

Even the famously weak af David French could not hide his revulsion for the tweet, describing Mystal’s comments as “vile.”

In response, Mystal pathetically tried to divert attention by sharing a link to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs opinion, which overturned Roe v. Wade last year, insinuating that his tasteless remark was somehow justified. (But wait, I thought it was just a joke..?)

While some on Twitter unsurprisingly rallied around Mystal, defending his reprehensible comment, there were many voices of reason who called out the clear display of hostility. David Marcus, one of my favorite follows on Twitter, summed up the situation perfectly, stating, “Just casually wishing death on a Supreme Court Justice.”

It is disheartening to witness individuals like Elie Mystal using their platform to spew hateful rhetoric like this. Rather than engaging in thoughtful debate, they resort to personal attacks and really, really terrible, “wishful” thinking. The blatant lack of respect for the highest court, and general lack of respect for life, is a glaring example of the toxic discourse that plagues our society.