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BREAKING: Biden’s Inappropriate Joke Stirs Outrage



WTF is Joe Biden doing in his meetings with world leaders?

When he’s not accidentally holding hands and embarrassing our whole country, it appears he’s taken up the role of the jokester. But don’t be fooled by his lighthearted demeanor. Serious allegations of corruption are swirling around him…

During a meeting with Prime Minister Modi of India, Biden nonchalantly “joked” about selling state secrets.

Quite the comedian, isn’t he?

But let’s delve into the real story here. Biden is currently facing scrutiny for allegedly accepting an illicit bribe from a Ukrainian official. Interestingly, this “joke” coincided with an FBI informant accusing him of involvement in a massive Ukrainian bribery scandal.

Rumor has it that Biden pocketed a handsome $5 million from Ukrainian oil company Burisma during his tenure as Vice President under Obama. And guess who else is entangled in this web of corruption? None other than Biden’s own son, Hunter, who conveniently sat on Burisma’s board when the alleged bribe transpired. Talk about a family affair!

Recently, Senator Chuck Grassley let the cat out of the bag by disclosing the existence of 17 audio recordings capturing conversations between the Bidens and Zlochevsky, the Ukrainian mastermind behind it all. These recordings were allegedly kept as an “insurance policy” to ward off unwanted investigations.

Despite the mounting evidence and accusations, President Biden shamelessly denies it all. Adding insult to injury, FBI Director Christopher Wray conveniently turns a blind eye to the House Oversight Committee’s subpoena. It’s evident they’re engaged in a high-stakes game of dodgeball, hoping to evade accountability.

Doesn’t really seem like the time to be joking about all this!