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WAIT! WHICH President Is The Only One Whose Family Didn’t Own Slaves??



Get ready to laugh out loud.

Social justice liberals recently decided to dig into the history of every living president to investigate whether their ancestors were once slave owners. Now, the results are in, and they are absolutely NOT happy with the truth!

According to Reuters, there is only ONE living President whose family cannot be connected to the ownership of slaves…

It’s Donald John Trump.

Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and even Barack Obama, the first Black president, can all trace their lineage back to slave owners. Yes, you heard that right!

While the political elite has to reckon with the ghosts of their ancestors, the Trump family can rest easy, knowing they have no connection to such a troubling past.

Isn’t it amusing how things turn out? The media loves to paint Trump as a villain, but here we have yet another example of him being the exception to the rule.