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Can You Get Through Jason Kelce’s Retirement Speech Without Crying? 



Jason Kelce indicated his retirement at the conclusion of his last season but has officially made the announcement via press conference. 

Say what you want about a certain pop star and a certain tight end but the Kelce that has really stolen America’s heart in the last few years is definitely Philadelphia Eagles Center and older brother Jason. 

Here are the best moments from his 48 minute long tearfilled press conference saying goodbye to the NFL. If you can make it through these clips without crying you may have no soul: 

He wore a sleeveless shirt because he is who he is: 

His emotional retelling of meeting his wife Kylie who watched tearfully in the audience

The other Kelce (Travis) getting emotional watching his brother speak: 

Jason’s acknowledgment of legendary Chiefs coach, Andy Reid, who gave both him and his brother a chance in the NFL: 

When he opened the press conference by bursting into tears: 

His celebration of fatherhood and the importance of his daughters: 

When he spoke with love and admiration of his brother instead of competition and jealousy: 

Here is the full press conference: