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PROOF: FBI Spying is Actually Watergate 2019… But Worse



The liberal media has been comparing President Trump’s phone call to the Ukraine where they allege he exercised “abuse of power” by asking for an investigation into a possible crime which involved Vice President Joe Biden (which he admitted to himself) to the well known “Watergate” scandal of the Nixon administration. Considering the two have nothing whatsoever in common from narrative to result – we have to assume they make this comparison for sheer lack of imagination or perhaps a casual lack of regard for accuracy. 

The Washington Post called upon the prosecutors of the Watergate scandal (Also known as the 17 most irrelevant people in their Hamptons retirement home) to list reasons they thought the President should be impeached because it’s just like Watergate. In Watergate, it was alleged that President Nixon called on his political team to physically break into the Democratic National Committee offices (at the time in the Watergate building) to obtain sensitive information. After years of careful investigation, hearings and a landmark Supreme Court decision – it was found that President Nixon would be impeached on three articles, obstruction of justice, contempt of Congress and abuse of power. President Nixon resigned and was pardoned for any criminal activity he participated in by his successor in exchange for resignation. 

The only similarity between the Watergate scandal and the current impeachment process is that abuse of power was on of the articles used for impeachment. The Nixon impeachment was years long and he was charged with crimes on top of abuse of power whereas President Trump was pre-determined in his guilt before a two month media clown show then charged with a made-up term “obstruction of Congress” since it was clear that they had no grounds for “contempt of Congress” which is the actual real legal charge. 

IG Michael Horowitz Source: Daily Wire

Meanwhile – the Investigator General (IG) for the FBI, Michael Horowitz, found conclusively that there is significant evidence of spying from the FBI under the Obama administration on President Trump and individuals associated with the Trump campaign. The report details that not only was a wiretap used on Carter Page, but the FBI also had undercover agents working as informants on Carter Page, George Papadopoullous and one other Trump campaign advisor. The FBI did not use only one spy, they employer several spies to inform on these campaign officials – many of whom were unsuccessful and many who successfully delivered sensitive campaign information to the Obama administration. 

So like Watergate, there is ample proof official administration action was taken to spy on a political opponent. Worse than Watergate, the action was done with official resources and approval. The Obama administration’s FBI under James Comey (or as he likes to be called at the dinner table, God) willfully sought to undermine a Presidential candidate through surveillance and spy-craft intended to keep our nation safe from terrorism. They did so with a warrant obtained using fake information, the Steele Dossier (Aside: the media literally uses this act of fraud as a basis to continue to claim the Steele Dossier is credible – The FBI said it was real in order to achieve their goals therefore it is real and their goals were not corrupt. Fact-check by conversation in own mirror). 

James Comey Source: CNBC

Though the IG report has clearly detailed evidence of fraud, abuse of power, illegal spying and obtaining a warrant under false pretenses he has left the decision on whether or not the actions were illegal or criminal to the Department of Justice. The media has decided that the decision being left to Attorney General Barr is the same thing as exoneration of the Comey Cronies. James Comey himself, delusionally, called the report a triumph and celebrated his vindication despite the fact that he is highly implicated and his reports could be facing criminal charges. Attorney General Barr has made clear he will pursue action on this report and the media is already discrediting him before he’s even announced his next steps.

Our nation has not uncovered an FBI scandal this egregious since….actually also the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious. Those responsible must be held accountable and those complicit, including Chairman of House Intelligence and one of the impeachment ring leaders, Adam Schiff, and the main-stream media must be admonished.