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Jacksonville Beaches Are Not Overcrowded



Widely distributed photo of Jacksonville Beach on April 17, 2020

It’s not often that we at FPF have the privilege of being eye-witness reporters on anything except how flagrantly the media lies to us and themselves. But this time it so happens that I am temporarily located in the greater Jacksonville area and since they’ve been open I have been to the beach several times including on the first day it was open. 

Many of you have seen the image shown above which appears to be mass crowds of people swarming the beaches. As someone who doesn’t know anything about photography – I couldn’t figure out (short of a doctored or fake photo) how the media managed to make the beach I was standing on look so overwhelmed. I looked around and saw a busy beach but with plenty of space where everyone was more than six feet apart and nowhere close to groups of ten. 

In fact – in all my many times visiting Jacksonville’s beaches I have never seen a group of more than 10. I’ve never seen the beaches too busy for social distancing. Ever. Not during peak summer months. Not ever. So it was a shock to me that they were ever closed in the first place. There are no resorts along the beach in Jacksonville, so the beaches are more like community parks. They really only serve the community who live there. 

Luckily there are a few real journalists left in the world – primarily found at your local broadcasting stations. A Jacksonville area local reporter, Vic Micolucci, did his job and made sure that the people of Jacksonville understood the truth and understood how the media used “facts” to lie to them and the rest of America. In a tweet and an explanatory article, Micolucci explains how different camera angles from the same location at the same time can make a scene look very different. 

Micolucci showing the same image by four different camera perspectives.

Micolucci goes on in his article to explain that he extensively spoke with law enforcement who have been patrolling the beach since it reopened. I too saw many police officers on their beach cruiser vehicles and on foot ensuring compliance with social distancing (an act of tyranny – but still they were there and pretty chill). The officers explained that while “1,500” seems like a lot of people on a beach, the beach is extremely large and 1,500 people can very easily spread out. 

All of this incredibly logical explanation failed to make the national media circuit which instead implied that the citizens of Jacksonville and the Florida at large are simply just idiots who don’t know what’s good for them and deserve to just die anyway. 

People poke fun at Florida a lot and it pokes fun at itself, but in this case the motivation is much more insidious. The media and the left want to believe that anyone who would do so much as go outside – even in total compliance with social distancing rules and heavy handed police enforcement – are the enemy. They are not people you would want to be like. They are stupid. They are dangerous. They are not cool. They are shunned. 

But the media intentionally mislead you to believe those beaches were crowded when they were not in order to manipulate you into staying indoors. Keeping distant and practicing hand washing and other thoughtful safety precautions during COVID-19 isn’t enough for them. We must be locked up at all times. No hour outside to walk the beach. No talking to one another. 

Just like these photos, all facts can be both real and presented in a way that is intended to manipulate. Remember that when the media reports things like death counts, new cases and CDC recommendations. 

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