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BREAKING: GOP Lawmakers ALL IN On New Plan To Expose Biden’s Weakness On China



While big tech and the media team up to silence any hint of Biden family ties to China, Republican members of Congress are taking action to expose President Biden’s weakness.

In an exclusive with Breitbart, GOP lawmakers reveal they are launching a “legislative blitz” against the president.

Breitbart reports that “the effort, led by Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), will consist of a messaging push as well as the introduction and rollout of a series of legislative proposals designed to curb Chinese influence and aggression and expose the Democrats and Biden for being weak on China. Banks and his team detailed the effort for Breitbart News exclusively ahead of the push, which will begin on Tuesday and carry on throughout the week. Under Banks, the RSC is planning blitzes like this on major issues frequently as a counter to Biden’s agenda pushed from the White House and by congressional Democrats.”

Congressman Banks told Breitbart News that “The Biden administration has lifted almost every single tough action the Trump administration took on China and has already demonstrated a clear pattern of going back to the tried and failed strategy of supporting China’s rise. It’s not enough to compete with China, we must continue President Trump’s approach to confront China. The Chinese Communist Party is not a partner, it’s the greatest threat to the U.S. and worldwide freedom and prosperity, and if we fail to treat them as such, we will reap severe consequences.”

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The lawmakers have compiled six pages of background explaining conservative views on China and their concerns with Biden’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

Though many reports have been silenced, the Biden family, including Joe’s son Hunter and brother James, have several business deals in China, which most likely involved selling Joe’s influence.

Biden whistleblower Tony Bobulinski revealed as much on Tucker Carlson in October, saying there were several plans with the Chinese with which he was familiar “at a high level.”

According to Breitbart, the RSC’s effort to expose Biden’s sympathy towards China will include the introduction of at least 17 pieces of legislation from at least a dozen House Republicans, including Ronny Jackson (R-TX), Greg Steube (R-FL), Joe Wilson (R-SC), Greg Murphy (R-NC), Ralph Norman (R-SC), Lance Gooden (R-TX), Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Bob Good (R-VA), Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Chip Roy (R-TX), and Debbie Lesko (R-AZ).

The bills will put American interests first, protect American companies, secure American energy, force Biden to reveal his interests and require a level of transparency not currently provided by the Biden administration.

Though it’s unclear whether or not the bills will make it passed the liberal-controlled Congress, they will be a great first step in putting America First again.