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[WATCH] Rand Paul Absolutely Destroys Anthony Fauci In New Fox News Video



Rand Paul has been lighting up Anthony Fauci for days for his fear mongering mask mandates and political theater.

Last week, he let him have it at at Senate hearing.

This week, he went after him on Fox News, asking whether or not any of Fauci’s mask recommendations have even been effective.

“Well, you see what his argument is,” Paul said of Fauci. “His argument is what if? It’s what if these people can spread it? And my response is showing me the evidence. Show me the proof, you know, show me that people are transmitting this who have gotten vaccinated, and there is no proof of that in fact, the vaccine is doing very well.”

“There has been almost no hospitalization of someone who has been vaccinated. Been almost no deaths, I think zero deaths from people getting COVID after vaccination,” he added. “So they are arguing you might be able to transmit it. All I’m saying is if you want me to wear a mask for two more years or three more years or for the rest of my life, why don’t you show me evidence?”

He continued “If the government’s going to tell you can’t go anywhere unless you’re wearing a mask, they should tell you why and they should present the evidence.”

It was BRUTAL.