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BREAKING: Biden’s Big Budget Includes Secret Handouts For Illegal Immigrants, Get The Details



Biden’s unpopular budget includes a lot of nonsense.

Green energy mandates. Special interest handouts. Huge investments in “corporate equity training. (Whatever that is.)

But buried way down deep is one of the most controversial items: a big fat handout for illegal immigrants.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) explains that the bill includes a provision that would appropriate $8 billion dollars over 10 years ($80 billion) to give illegal immigrants monthly payments of $300 per child.

They did this in the least transparent way possible – most likely on purpose.

They’re attempting to replace the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), which paid cash to low-income workers with children, with a program that is part of the enhanced Child Tax Credit (CTC).

“The program resembles traditional cash welfare because it entirely drops the old ACTC’s work requirement. It also significantly increases payment size.”

It also makes the program PERMANENT.


CIS comments that “if passed, the new program has profound implications for the immigration debate because it now means that the arrival of any low-income immigrant (legal or illegal) who has a U.S.-born child will have a much larger negative fiscal impact than was previously the case.”

With hundreds of thousands of new immigrants rushing to our border every single day now, this is another Biden crisis waiting to happen.

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