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BREAKING: We Know Tucker’s Next Move And It’s AMAZING



Fox News host Tucker Carlson has announced his new show will be hosted on Twitter, a move that has already caused a stir among the mainstream media. According to reports, Carlson has been in talks with Elon Musk about working together and it looks like those discussions have paid off.

In a three-minute video that has already amassed over 84 million views, Carlson explains how mainstream news outlets are designed to hide the truth and Twitter is one of the last big platforms that allows for unfiltered free speech. He goes on to say that without free speech, we have no other rights.

The announcement coincides with Carlson’s lawyers accusing Fox News of fraud and breach of contract and claiming that the non-compete clause in his contract is no longer valid, giving him the freedom to launch a new show.

As expected, the mainstream media has not been kind to Carlson’s move to Twitter. CNN has referred to him almost exclusively as a “right-wing extremist” since his departure from FNC, while NBC News questioned whether anyone would “be able to” police what Carlson says on the platform.

This big move is just the latest example of a shift away from traditional news outlets and towards free-speech platforms like Twitter, Rumble, and independent websites like FreePressFail. It’s clear that free-thinkers are seeking information that isn’t run through a corporate filter, and platforms like Elon’s Twitter are providing the space for that.