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BREAKING: The Biden Bribery Scheme Just Got REALLY Interesting



Yesterday, a document was made public that reveals Joe Biden, while serving as Vice President, may have received a whopping $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian energy company called Burisma. These disturbing claims were reported to the FBI by a reliable source in June 2020.

If you remember correctly, Biden’s son, Hunter, joined the board of Burisma in April 2014. Fast forward to the FBI FD-1023 form, which documents the information provided by a highly credible confidential source. This source alleges that the $5 million payment was part of a criminal bribery scheme. The source had numerous meetings and conversations with top executives at Burisma starting in 2015.

It’s important to note that an FD-1023 form is used by the FBI to record details obtained from confidential sources. In this case, the source happens to be a business professional whom Burisma sought advice from regarding U.S. oil rights and collaborating with American oil companies.

According to the source, the Burisma executive discussed Hunter’s position on their board. When the source questioned why they sought their advice when they already had Hunter, the executive responded dismissively, calling Hunter “dumb.” Shockingly, the source claims that the executive revealed they were instructed to “pay the Bidens.”

During the discussion about payments to the Bidens, the executive allegedly stated, “$5 million for one Biden, $5 million for the other Biden.” This suggests a clear “pay-for-play” arrangement where these payments were made in exchange for Joe Biden’s assistance in resolving various challenges faced by the energy company, including a corruption investigation led by Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

But here’s the kicker—there’s actual footage of Joe Biden boasting about using his influence to pressure Ukraine into firing Shokin. During a 2018 event, Biden openly admitted that he threatened to withhold a $1 billion U.S. loan unless the prosecutor was fired. In his own words, Biden exclaimed, “I said… ‘If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a b*tch, he got fired!”

Now, let’s talk about the money. The source informed the FBI that Burisma paid the Bidens through multiple bank accounts, so intricately hidden that it would take investigators at least 10 years to trace the funds. Essentially, they employed shell companies and other deceptive tactics to conceal the payments—a classic move employed by criminals.

Fortunately, Republican lawmakers in Congress are diligently pursuing the truth. They have issued subpoenas for Biden family bank records, which have already revealed suspicious payments from China and Romania. Representative James Comer recently shared on Fox News that the individual who paid these bribes boasted about the complexity of distributing the money across various banks to make it nearly impossible for investigators to trace. But fear not, as Republicans are committed to following the money trail from Ukraine.

So, what does Biden have to say about these allegations? When asked about them, he responded with a smirk, “where’s the money?”

It seems he is daring them to uncover the truth.

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