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Tom Brady is the king of Charity: Best moments from Fanatics Merch Madness



This week Tom Brady was out with his celebrity pals serving kids in their community. Brady and the gang were partnered with Fanatics sports apparel doing an event called Merch Madness where kids and youths in areas that are traditionally less likely to have access to high end sports stores are given cool swag and merch from their favorite teams and a chance to play ball and hang out with their favorite players and celebrities.

It is a truly heartwarming and special event that shows how passionate America’s kids are about their teams and about playing sports. Fanatics partnered with loads of celebrities and the charity Good 360 to connect over 100,000 kids with 300,000 pieces of merchandise at over 100 locations across the whole country.

Of all the amazing celebrity partners including sports legends like Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning, the star of the whole show was obviously Tom Brady. America’s Prom King. Stealer of hearts. Thrower of touchdowns. 

Here all all the best Brady moments and beyond at Merch Madness: 

  1. When D.J. Khalid squared up 
  1. When the kids were just the most enthusiastic, passionate and kind people on earth as always (PROTECT THEM)
  1. When Tom Brady caught his first interception against a tough opponent 
  1. When Brady looked this truly thrilled and engaged to be at the event 
  1. When Lil Baby improvised his sport of choice 
  1. And never forget the volunteers at organizations like the YMCA who make the community better every day of their lives

Thank you to Tom Brady for once again bringing our hearts nothing but joy.