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10 Liberal Flips Flops on John Bolton



John “Mustache” Bolton was the most recent in a slew of disgruntled employees to release a “tell all” book on President Trump and the administration in order to make a quick buck on the backs of the frenzied anti-Trump masses. I have not read it. I will not read it. I will not even click the Amazon link to give him the satisfaction. The fact is that John Bolton was a self-realized king maker who found out he couldn’t puppet master someone with their own mind and got salty about it just like the rest of the king-makers in DC who hate President Trump for following his own arrow. 

Even though Bolton’s book doesn’t come out until June 23, 2020 – there are plenty who I am sure will love it and have already salivated over it. Here they are and here is the opinions they have expressed on Bolton’s credibility prior to his decision to write a temper tantrum for sale:

1. The New York Times Editorial Board

The New York Times is already covering the book’s contents with a lot of credibility which is weird because this was their opinion of his credibility on March 23, 2018:  “Yes, John Bolton Really is That Dangerous.”

2. The people at Esquire Magazine 

Esquire writer Charles P. Pierce thinks Republicans AND Democrats should be worried about John Bolton’s book. That’s very strange because why would anyone need to worry about the words of a “bloodthirsty maniac” who lacks the integrity of a moral adult?

3. New York Magazine writers

New York Mag is awfully interested in what’s contained in a book written by a man who is in their own words and opinion a “lover of drama.” 

4. House Intelligence Democrats 

House Intelligence Committee Chairman and King of Impeachapalooza, Rep. Adam Schiff is very salty because John Bolton didn’t give his book info for free during the Trump trials. So he’s not exactly a fan of the book but he definitely thinks the book is true. Adam must have had a real come to Jesus on Bolton because in 2018 he said that Bolton was basically a blow hard who was likely to just go along with whatever Trump wanted to do and had no real integrity of his own. Watch his comments here. 

5. The leadership at Mother Jones

Mother Jones seemed really interested to hear what John Bolton would have to say the week he announced his book back in January. This is a surprising change of heart since they called John Bolton’s appointment to the “scariest news of the Trump presidency.” 

6. America’s favorite whisper narrators – NPR

NPR wishes Bolton had testified in Congress instead of waiting to release his book. They think the information he’s providing must be true and given credibility therefore it would have been useful to oust the President they so rivile. Very odd that they would lend such stock to a character who they quite literally laughed at in their commentary on his leadership in 2018 following his appointment. Listen to the clip here. 

7. My absolute favorite rag-tag team of liberal millennials – The Atlantic 

Quinta and Benjamin at least don’t hide their distaste for John Bolton – and yet they insist on their readers being exposed to his claims. They say his story is “worth hearing” even though in the sentence prior he was not a ‘valid” public servant. This is very odd for the Atlantic to publish considering that the week John Bolton was appointed in 2018, they ran a different article every single day detailing the incompetence of John Bolton and explaining why he is not a trustworthy character. Which is it? 

8. Former funny-man, Stephen Colbert 


Host of the Late Show, Stephen Colbert has obtained a copy of John Bolton’s book and has him lined up to come on his show to promote the book. Colbert must be the most forgiving and open minded person in the world to decide to support Bolton’s book now after in 2018 he referred to John Bolton as a “madman” and would only communicate with a Dana Carvey version of Bolton in an attempt to mock and totally discredit him as the National Security Advisor. I guess Mr. Colbert trusts the word of mad men now! We can all change!

Author’s note: Stephen Colbert was once actually very nice to me once so I defend him as a good person who is simply under the spell of liberal producers. We are not canceling Stephen over this. You’re a nice man, Stephen! Come back!


9. The Washington Post – where democracy dies in darkness 


The Washington Post seems to be putting a lot of credibility into John Bolton’s claims about foreign ties on the Trump election. They have really changed their opinion of him since in 2018 they said he was a swampy operator with a bad attitude. 


10. And finally my very least favorite “news” outlet, CNN

CNN is so confident in the contents of John Bolton’s book that they are actually fact checking any claim made against the book to defend it (instead of maybe, I don’t know, fact checking the book itself?). This is a fairly substantial turn around for CNN considering in 2018 they believed him to be so immoral and so incompetent that he was capable of “blowing up the world.” 

And there you have it. The top ten biggest changes of heart on America’s least favorite warmonger, John Bolton. And we thought no one ever changed their mind anymore! It’s almost as if the left believes in absolutely nothing except the acquisition and retention of power and they will cling to any and all narratives which promote that mission and abandon any that do not no matter what the ideological conflict may be.