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DeSantis Jobs Numbers = Liberal Tears



This week the jobs numbers came out and no shock to anyone, Florida is on top. While the United States severely missed all liberal economist projections with only 194,000 jobs added – Florida grew at a rate 3 times that of the national average. 

Governor Ron DeSantis has been one of the only (if not the only) leaders to truly stand-up to the tyrannical COVID-19 press passed down from Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden. DeSantis refused to close his economy, forced his counties to allow businesses to reopen and has been fighting activist school district leaders trying to keep children out of forced face coverings. 

He’s also been fighting against vaccine mandates and has called a special session of the Florida legislature to ensure laborers are protected from being forced to make medical decisions by employers or other entities. Considering the Federal Reserve has officially cited vaccine mandates as a reason for the labor shortage, DeSantis seems to be making the right decision for the people of Florida.

The result is clear. While Florida’s COVID-19 numbers (for deaths and cases on the 7-day average) remain on par (or even better) with the rest of the nation, the economy is fairing significantly better. 

On top of keeping businesses open and totally operational, DeSantis was first in the nation to reject the extra unemployment payment from the Biden stimulus package. Because he is not disallowing crowds or limiting capacity, Florida is becoming the number 1 spot for revenue generating conventions and events. Because of his leadership, Florida has had positive private sector job growth for 17 straight months which represents nearly the entire pandemic time frame. Additionally, the labor force is flocking to Florida in a time where labor shortages abound nationwide. Florida boasts a 5.4% labor force growth year over year where the nation is sitting at 0.8%. Because who wouldn’t want to live in a free nation where opportunities are endless? 

Keep up the good work Governor DeSantis!

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